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  • Dismissed!!

    Tyler and his team are the best! They work extremely hard to make sure you have winning results. I could not have asked for better experience. From the moment I called till the end of my case I was at ease knowing I had hired the best.

  • WOW what a firm!!

    After being referred to Tyler's law firm from a friend I decided to go ahead a go with Mr Floods firm and boy I'm so happy I did. His whole staff worked as a team to get my DWI dismissed and that is exactly what they did. I never went in front of a judge. I was always called the night before my court dates to be informed of what was going to happen. They made this nightmare as easy for me as possible. The saying you get what you pay for rings very true in my case. It was money well spent. My case was dismissed even before setting a trial date.

  • DWI - Dismissed

    Tyler is the attorney you need to hire for a DWI. He is passionate about his profession and his clients. Before contacting Tyler, I contacted another attorney. He was half the price of Tyler, but my initial consultation with him left me feeling like all he wanted to do was wait around for a plea deal. I was not interested in a plea deal. Tyler is different. He will fight for you. After 1.5 years my DWI charge was dismissed the day of trial. The prosecution had a weak case and they knew it (no breath, no blood, I was standing in a parking lot waiting for a cab when the officer arrived). Unfortunately, they still make you play the game of resets and continuances because they don't like how a dismissal looks on their record. They offered us a plea deal and we turned it down. Tyler was ready for trial. Sometimes, that's all they need to hear to know that you aren't backing down and then they re-consider their position and quit grandstanding. The only thing that didn't go my way was Tyler's group did not win my ALR hearing and I had to get an Interlock device on my vehicle for six months. That was unfortunate, but I'll take it for the right ending. There are few attorneys at the top of their game like Tyler is. Choosing him will give you the best chance to win your case.

  • Not Guilty

    "Not Guilty" the best words I have heard in the last 1.5 years. DWIs are no joke and are very stressful which is why am glad I chose to hire Tyler as my lawyer. Tyler and James walked me through my entire journey in the Harris County court system reassuring me every step of the way. My case went to trial but Tyler was very calm in his presentation of my defense. He is so good that some lawyers came in to listen to parts of his defense during my trial. Tyler and his team put in so much work in representing me and I will be forever grateful.

  • Couldn't have had a better DWI lawyer

    I found Mr. Flood while researching online for the best lawyer that could represent my DWI trial case after I had originally signed on another lawyer. Although his fees were high, they were worth it, all the way. THE FACTS: I got arrested one early Saturday morning in Jan 2014 by the Fort Bend Sheriff’s department when leaving the Baker’s Street pub in Sugarland town center. After finding my way out of jail, my next move was to find a way to get out of the DWI mess. I began my search online and I found AVVO. Since I wanted the best lawyer on my side I filtered by practice area and I sorted by rating. I wanted a five star rated DWI/DUI lawyer. I selected a few and began calling them to understand their fees and availability. One of the ones that was highly rated however recommended another lawyer. This was a HUGE mistake on my part as I should have only gone with one of my own selected. So I went and met this introduced lawyer. This lawyer “kind of” gave me all sorts of promises with statements such as, “I know all the prosecutors in that courthouse”, “I know the Judges”, “your case will not have to go to trial” etc. That was before he was signed on. As soon as he got signed on and his attorney fees were completely paid, it was a hassle to get his attention. He was not specialized in DWI/DUIs but just a criminal lawyer poking into several areas. At one point in the case, he requested a suppression hearing at which point I realized I had made a huge mistake of not hiring someone that specializes in the type of offence that I needed defense on because he could not strongly press his case. As soon as I realized this error on my part in selecting the wrong attorney for the job I went back to my original list and it was at that point that I contacted Mr Flood. He made no deceitful or enticing promise of getting me acquitted, however, he told me he would be 100% committed to doing what was humanly possible in fighting my case. He also told me that he would only be interested in fighting the case by going to trial rather than seeking a plea deal. Throughout the case, he and his office were professional about reaching out to me whenever was necessary. His team members were all very courteous and supportive. They would always be with me in court and were always punctual. They were ALWAYS in court before me and I NEVER for once had to wait on them. The case went to trial as he had promised, and it was during the trial that my confidence was more solidified that I had the best representation. He was well prepared all the way from the jury selection process, to his closing arguments. I actually wished his closing could have been video recorded as it was astounding. No one expected the clear and convincing closing argument. He was able to convince the jury (and probably the State DAs) by punching holes and pointing out big flaws in all the evidence brought forward by the State. It was victory when the judge pronounced the unanimous “Not Guilty” verdict. Finally, I want to add that even if the jury for some weird reason had given a “Guilty” verdict, I would still have been proud of having Mr Flood as my representation and I would thus highly recommend him to anyone serious about getting the best DWI lawyer on their side.

  • Dismissed

    Tyler did a great job for me. I never felt like he wanted me to settle. In fact he would encourage me to hang in there and go to trial. In the end my DWI was dismissed the day of trial. I would definitely recommend them.

  • If you want the best lawyer to defend you, call Tyler Flood

    If you want the best lawyer to defend you, call Tyler Flood and be confident that you have the best DWI lawyer available. But it’s not just Tyler your getting, you get his team and they are great. I had the privilege of meeting and working with several members of his team getting my questions answered and support when I needed it. Many thanks to Justin for returning my calls sometimes late in the evening, when perhaps others might wait until the next day, keeping me worrying overnight, but not Justin. I could hear in his voice that he was tired from a long day but still, he never cut me off and listened patiently until he felt he had answered anything I could think of. I also was able to meet and work with James Fletcher and Andrea one of Tyler’s Paralegal who is awesome. My Case: 2nd DUI – After a long year and a half, working though the process in Montgomery County criminal courts, Tyler Flood won my case. It was wonderful to hear the Judge read the verdict “Not Guilty”and to know the Jury reached that conclusion unanimously! I want to point out that Tyler negotiated a very good offer from the DA and it was tempting, but I wanted to clear my name. Most Lawyers would have probably told me I was an idiot for not taking it, but not Tyler. When I told him I wanted to fight it he did not argue with me, he said “OK”. We both went down the hard road and I am glad we did. I was not sure what to expect in an actual trial and was nervous as can be, but once it got under way I have to say it was reassuring to see Tyler and Andrea in action. It was amazing to see how they were taking down so many notes as testimony was given and how they worked together so seamlessly. When Tyler went to work on the Police Officer’s testimony at one point I almost jumped up and yelled Yeah! Go Tyler! Of course I kept my cool. As the trial winded down I was not so confident that we would win. Then I heard Tyler’s closing argument and it was so well thought out and encompassed all the critical details. His argument resonated with confidence in our position. As he laid it out, I could see the look in the jurors faces and I thought yes! they are getting it! It was such a relief to bring this to a close. You want to win and clear your name? Hire Tyler Flood and his team!

  • A Master of His Craft

    Tyler Flood is a master of his craft. He has a great legal team, and they all are working behind the scenes for you. All the other attorneys I consulted in Houston (about five) told me that I should take a plea and just do probation. But I'm in a profession where this specific charge is highly frowned upon, so having this stain on my record wasn't really an option. In Texas, you can basically take a plea and admit guilt or fight the charge, so I wanted to fight it. And Tyler was the only attorney who looked me in the eye and said that he was willing to fight every inch for me and my case. Tyler promises no miracles - Only that he is willing to do everything in his power to help you. If you have a pending DWI, then be patient. You are in for a long ride. It took a full year for me to go to trial and that is less time than most defendants from what I've heard. As Tyler advised patience, it paid off... I got moved to a nicer judge, a witness moved, and the state made clerical mistakes. Tyler fought calmly like a Jedi master, and we ended up with a CASE DISMISSED. Tyler is the premier attorney for this. You get what you pay for. A guy who will fight for you.

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