Austin DWI Attorney

Tyler Flood and his team take on DWI cases in the city of Austin & all of Travis County. Tyler has a highly successful record in both Austin and Houston and is best know for fighting hard for his clients.

Austin is the fourth largest city in Texas, and also the capitol of Texas. Austin is home to a diverse mix of people and because of this is one of the most unique places to live and work in Texas. It is also known for its vibrant music scene in downtown Austin and is considered to be America’s Music Capitol. A portion of Austin’s downtown is commonly referred to as the “Entertainment District” and commonly hosts live bands, block parties & major events such as SXSW. The Entertainment district also borderlines the State Capitol, which means it’s a highly patrolled area and a prime target for law enforcement searching for potential drunk drivers.

If you don’t live in Austin and enjoy the benefits of its great cultural and lively everyday scene, it is also a great place to vacation, and many do just that. However, with vacation and fun comes drinking and sometimes driving. Police in Travis County are no stranger to the drinking and driving scene; In fact they have a heightened awareness. Most of the popular bars and restaurants are located downtown on fourth St and sixth St., or in the Greater South River city on Congress Ave, or South Lamar on Lamar Blvd. This is a prime area targeted by local law officials and when a majority of DWI’s in Austin occur.

If you are pulled over and charged with drinking and driving in Austin it is very likely that it may have been in one of these areas. Please don’t hesitate to call our office at (713) 224-4394 or sent us an email with your case details and we will get back with you as soon as possible to set up a full free case evaluation.