Texas Medical District Information

The Texas Medical District

Drinking and driving do not mix. Many people who need a Houston DWI lawyer wind up in that situation due to having been pulled over. More extreme cases involve a vehicular accident. This includes many problems, not the least of which is the potential for causing serious injuries or even mortal wounds on yourself, as well as others.

While we, as Houston DWI lawyers, definitely do not condone such actions, there is some good news in regards to the fact that Harris County is home to one of the nations’ greatest medical institutions. The Texas Medical Center, located near to Rice University and is convenient to the Southwest Freeway off of Fannin and Holcomb, has a sterling reputation for their life-saving efforts.

The Texas Medical Center features quality hospitals including Ben Taub, Methodist, and many many more. Having been one of the first to use Life Flight for the rapid evacuation of car injury victims, the Texas Medical center helped lead the way in dealing with trauma care.

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