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Criminal Defense Process

Texas Criminal Defense Process

If you are facing criminal accusations, are under investigation, or have been arrested for a crime, you may be frightened and confused as to what you need to do to protect yourself. Because you typically have only one chance to defend yourself, the decisions you make about your defense will affect the rest of your life.

Remember that any criminal charges should be taken very seriously. We strongly encourage you to seek the help of a skilled and knowledgeable criminal lawyer as soon as possible. Avoid being appointed a public defender; carefully choose a criminal defense law firm or lawyer with whom you are comfortable.

We hope this information will help give you a general understanding of the criminal defense process. This information is not intended to serve as legal advice. However, a Houston criminal defense attorney is available to discuss your case 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To contact to Tyler Flood and Associates for a free consultation, please call (713) 224-5529.

  1. The Offenses
  2. The Arrest
  3. Your Rights
  4. The Attorney
  5. The Booking Process
  6. The Charges
  7. Bail
  8. The Arraignment
  9. Discovery
  10. The Preliminary Proceedings
  11. The Pre-Trial Motions
  12. The Plea Options
  13. The Trial
  14. Dismissals
  15. The Consequences
  16. Appeals
  17. Expungement
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