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DWI Frequently Asked Questions Videos:

How to Keep a DWI off my Record in Texas
Will my DWI Case have to go to trial?
Should I blow into the Breathalyzer Machine?
Will my Drivers License Automatically be Suspended after being Charged with DWI?
When officer asks “How much have you had to drink”
What is a ALR Hearing?
Drivers License Suspension for DWI
What about Intoxication Assault & Intox Manslaughter Charges?
What is a Texas Super Lawyer?
What does a Board Certified Lawyer mean?
How to find & Hire the Best DWI Lawyer for your Case
Tyler Flood’s Success Rate as a DWI Lawyer

Other Media:
HCCLA Reasonable Doubt Episode starring DWI Lawyers Tyler Flood & Jim Medley – Aired Dec 2014

DWI Video Summary:

DWI Defense Firm Seeks Justice

Tyler Flood’s primary focus is DWI defense cases. DWI cases are Tyler Flood’s passion. The passion started the focus due to individuals who are wrongfully convicted of DWIs. Floods battles police officers daily who can not be 100% honest. Flood assists individuals with to provide successful outcomes, makes sure the law is followed 100%, and fights very hard in doing so.

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