DWI After Harris County Sporting Event

Sporting Events in Harris County and DWI’s

As with facing any criminal matter in the courts, it is vital that you find yourself with proper legal representation to protect your rights and to assist you during your ordeal. Obtaining qualified representation is key. Houston DWI lawyers working with attorney Tyler Flood specialize in cases of drunk driving in and around Harris County. This of course includes Sharpstown and the Southwest Freeway. If you are charged and require Houston DWI lawyers, our offices can work to protect your rights.

Houston is a major metropolitan area, and like many throughout the country, is a center for major sports. Arenas and stadiums often have fans that overindulge during a sporting event. With alcohol being served, not to mention tailgating and other traditions, these events are often at the center of a Texas DWI charge.

And there are a lot of sports in the area. These include the Houston Astros, the Houston Texans, the Houston Rockets, the Houston Aeros, and several others. In addition to these professional teams are college teams, such as the University of Houston and Rice University (with the Owls), and even high school teams.

Beyond these sports teams, are a variety of additional sports such as auto racing, horse racing, bicycles, marathons, soccer, olympic trials and many other events.

So whether you are leaving a Texans game at Reliant Stadium, or finished watching the Owls at Rice Stadium in West University, if you are drinking, driving is not a good idea. A Houston DWI charge can quite possibly follow, and having a Houston DWI lawyer on your side is essential for the protection of your rights.

And of course, the stadiums are centered on major arteries that lead throughout the city.

It’s important that if you are charged, that you get a qualified DUI attorney or a Houston DWI lawyer to handle your case. The law offices of Tyler Flood are waiting for your phone call to help advise you on the issues in your case.

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