Drinking and Driving Alternatives

Alternatives to Drinking and Driving

Avoiding drinking and driving is important because of the serious risk of doing yourself harm or causing injury, or even death to others. And avoiding drinking and driving has never been easier. There are a wide variety of options to choose before resorting to getting behind the wheel while inebriated. Some preparation prior to going out will enable you to avoid the situation altogether.

1) Choose a Designated Driver. If you are going out with friends, having one of your friends be responsible for driving for the evening. That friend avoids drinking and is able to drive everyone home safely. Rather than having the same person take responsibility all the time, you can rotate responsibility. What better friend can there be than one that will save your life.

2) Call a Cab. Taxi services are tailor made for this situation. They will pick you up and drive you home. You can return for your vehicle the following day with no real problem. A small cab fee is much better than the potential cost of a Houston DWI charge. And there are a variety of programs that will even foot the bill for such cab rides. Sometimes it’s holiday-specific, some are more broadly designed. When you go out, take the number for the cab company with you so that you are prepared for that moment that you want to go home.

3) Phone a Friend. Call a friend to pick you up. It might be a little bothersome, but nowhere near as embarrassing as asking them to bail you out of jail. Also, a lot more convenient than a visit in the hospital.

4) Public Transit. Houston isn’t exactly the best city for public transportation, but you can choose where you go out to take advantage of the transportation that does exist. Greenway Plaza, the Galleria, Downtown, the Texas Medical Center, there are a wide variety of locations that can be convenient to those options.

5) Walking. Believe it or not, many other parts of the country have people actually walk from place to place. You can choose a location within walking distance of your home, or choose a place with accommodations. A hotel or other location. Staying there, or going somewhere within walking distance will have the advantage of not needing to drive.

Simply put, plan a little in advance, and you will avoid the need for hiring a Houston DWI Lawyer to begin with. Contact the Law Offices of Tyler Flood should you find yourself in a situation needed a Texas attorney for a drunk driving case.